Dr Eray Cayli at V&A/RCA History of Design Research Seminar 23 February 5 pm

Democracy, dissent, architecture, and time.

Dr Eray Cayli (teaching London’s Built Environment this spring semester) will be speaking at the V&A /RCA History of Design Research Seminar on: “Democracy Under Construction: Design, Time and Imaginations of Publicness in Contemporary Turkey.”

“Discussing examples of architectural activism as well as mainstream practice, this lecture traces the various ways in which publicness has been negotiated through design in early 2010s Turkey – a historical context marked by a construction sector-led ‘economic boom’, state-sponsored projects of ‘democratisation’, and Occupy-style expressions of political dissent. Against the grain of the tendency in related debates to focus exclusively on space as the medium of publicness, the lecture suggests that unpacking the limitations and potentials of these examples requires a close and nuanced attention to time.”

It is free, but arrive early!


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