Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands

Discovery and Engagement is an important element of our program that offers you a more meaningful experience when you travel. Linda Kalnina is our Field Studies Coordinator and she is leading a number of field trips this term to global cities across the UK and Europe. These field trips provide you with opportunities to discover new places with a group of students and engage in activities that help you see the world with new eyes.

Our first field trip is to Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and the unofficial second city of the United Kingdom. The Old and New Towns are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the contrast between the two, which sit either side of the Waverley Valley, is unparalleled among global cities. Edinburgh is also renowned for a royal palace and the castle at the heart of the city, as well as being surrounded by mountains and an extinct volcano. The Scottish Highlands is an area known as Europe’s last great wilderness and a mysterious land that has borne witness to a thousand tales.

For me personally, this feels less like a field trip than a return home. My family history can be traced back to this region and I feel a deep connection to this land with each breath of fresh mountain air. I took this photograph of the magnificent Glen Coe last February and I hope that you decide to join us in visiting this year. Registration opens on February 2nd from 08.15 in the Program Office (SR109). More details can be found on the notice boards or speak to Linda Kalnina in the Program Office.


Photo credit: Mark Spokes