Fitness Without Borders Fundraiser

This week we heard from Jennifer, the Senior Fundraising Events Executive of  Action on Hearing Loss, a UK based charity.

Jennifer grew up in Syracuse and loves the University, especially the basketball team. Her team are partnering with Pure Gym to organise a fundraising event called Fitness Without Borders. This fundraiser is an endurance challenge, where participants aim to either:

– Row the English Channel ( using their rowing machine, 21 miles)
– Cycle a stage of the Tour de France (spin class, 53km)
– Climb the Empire State Building (using their stepper or stairmaster, 102 floors)

All without leaving London! To hear more about the event click here.

This challenge begins in November and no matter what date participants choose, you’ll be competing alongside others and prizes will be given to the top men and women in each category.

Syracuse students you’re in luck, the Pure Gym in Holborn just a few minutes walk from Faraday House.

Please contact Olivia in the Program Office if you have any questions.

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