Food glorious food!

As Health and Wellness Manager here at SU London, part of my job is to offer advice on staying healthy, and eating well is central to that. We know this isn’t always easy as you’re surrounded by tempting fast food options during your class breaks. For some of you too this will be the first time that you’ve had to cook for yourself, and I’m sure that you’ve come up with some interesting culinary concoctions along the way!
Our Monday brunch socials every other week have proved really popular – who doesn’t like hot buttered toast? On Wednesday next week we’ll be offering homemade soup so that you don’t have to think about finding lunch as you grapple with mid terms.
Tomorrow we’ll be hosting another Smoothie Social at 12.30, making smoothies that are 100% natural and packed with vitamins. They contain nothing but pure apple juice and frozen fruit so you can enjoy them safe in the knowledge that they’re actually doing you good!
Look out for more healthy food socials to welcome you back from break.

Photo credit: Olivia Compton

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