The Beauty of Fear

I have the most immense fear of heights, to the point where I will be in tears. But living abroad has taught me to strive for experiences beyond my comfort zone.


Because if I never do anything that scares me, I will forever be static and stuck in the same place- never growing, never changing, never evolving. Studying abroad in London was a decision that many people were nervous about for me. Some even discouraged me from going because of my previous mental illnesses, which should never stop anyone from pursuing their dreams and goals. Instead, I decided to go against the grain of what everyone had warned me of and I took the risk of pushing forward as I stepped outside of my boundaries (an act that I would never regret doing).

Go towards your most difficult places, because it’s through hardships that we truly transform and grow. Appreciate feeling terrified of change, the new and the unknown, because through this open door awaits an opportunity for you to flourish.

Written by SU London student: Angela Kim.

Photo Credit: Angela Kim

One thought on “The Beauty of Fear

  1. Hi Angela,

    Really appreciate your post about doing things that scare you. For me, the thought of studying abroad in college was so scary that I almost backed out of it. Fear of the unknown can be terrifying. But, taking the leap and stepping outside of my comfort zone by studying abroad was one of the best decisions of my college career.

    Thanks for the post,

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