How To: The London Passport

This post was written by Liv Taylor as a ‘how to’ for our London Passport Program. All study abroad students are granted passports at the beginning of the semester to record their development as global citizens. 


The London Passport

One of the most amazing aspects about studying in London is a student’s ability to travel around both their neighbourhood and the world. The Syracuse London Abroad program does a fantastic job recognizing travelling as a pivotal part of the abroad experience by strongly encouraging each student to explore new places. The development of the London Passport Program was specifically designed with the intention of assisting students in their reflective process during their semester abroad. By going to lectures in the city, visiting museums, building your network of contacts, joining in all-school field trips, developing a blog or vlog related to your stay in London, collaborating on projects at the centre, or traveling in and outside the UK, you can earn stamps in your Syracuse London Passport. Collectively, the stamps in your Syracuse London Passport could lead to a certificate in a particular category, a LinkedIn endorsement from Syracuse London, an end-of-semester award, and even cash prizes!



How to Earn Stamps

Each stamp marks a stage of your journey, your growth, and your overall learning as a student abroad. Your Syracuse London Passport opens up possibilities for you to tailor and shape your adventures in ways that are meaningful to you. By reflecting on your experiences and submitting a thoughtful written reflection that provides an insight of what you have gained from this experience, you will become eligible for a stamp! Here are four categories for you to pursue, according to your interest, while abroad:

  • Sport, Wellbeing & the Environment
    From a holistic perspective, the wellbeing of the person and the planet are connected. This category encourages you to pursue activities that help develop the awareness and practice of healthy, sustainable living.
  • Social & Political Justice
    The desire for a fairer world for all is the foundation of notions of global citizenship. This category encourages you to participate in any social or political issue that matters to you and that aims to bring about a more just society.
  • Global Professional
    As a university student, you are not just studying-you are also training yourself for your future career, whatever it will be. This category encourages you to continue preparing for professional life beyond university, using your semester abroad to give your career plans a global, cross-cultural perspective.
  • Arts, Architecture & Heritage
    The soul of a place- city, country, continent- is perhaps best discovered in its artistic expressions, its built environments, the ways it commemorates the past. This category encourages you to immerse yourself in the history and culture of London, the UK and Europe.

As long as you are able to reflect on an experience you have had while abroad, you are able to send in a documentation of some kind. Think about: How do you want to challenge yourself? What types of experiences do you most want to immerse yourself? How will you move beyond being a tourist and become a local Londoner, global traveler, a global citizen?

Here are just a few ways to incorporate your reflections into creative pieces:



Getting stamps for your Syracuse London Passport is easy, so if you qualify for any of the following, you’re sure to win big:

  • 3+ stamps in a single category: Certificate, LinkedIn Endorsement, and Cash Prize
    • 3-5 Stamps: £20 Voucher
    • 6-8 Stamps: £40 Voucher
    • 9+ Stamps: £50 Voucher
  • there is also a prize for an outstanding submission in any category, Best Visual or Multimedia Submission or Best Written Submission: £50 Voucher

Email all of your submissions to

You can also go into the Program Office (SR109) with all of your paperwork. The relevant team member will look over your submission and confirm that you have been successful. Be sure to bring your passport so it can be stamped and logged on the Syracuse London Passport system!

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