The Beauty of Not Being Ready

That should’ve been my mood, but it wasn’t! This was more of my mood. 


From leaving my house in Harlem to finally landing in the UK, I was totally not prepared for what the UK had to offer me.  I had waited to long to pack and I didn’t read all the instructions as well.  What could I do honestly?! Just experience and have fun being unprepared. This is the beauty of being abroad in London.  I want to walk you guys about this from my departure to my arrival.

Everyone knows the week leading up to a departure is always chaotic. You have to see last minute friends and family, watch your favorite TV show, and get as much home food as possible.  For me, it didn’t hit me that I was departing for London until 4 days before the flight. I honestly believed I was still going to Syracuse for the semester, so I was procrastinating as usual. When the 4 day mark hit, I realized I had to start preparing for London. I rushed to do everything in possible to make myself somewhat ready for the trip.  I ran to the bank to convert some dollars into pounds, changed my phone plan, and notified all the people back home I was going away for about 4 months with my living arrangements.  You would think within that 4 day span I had got all my stuff together? Absolutely Not. I forgot the most important thing to prepare for: my arrival in the UK.

Arriving at 10am in the United Kingdom was not something I was looking forward to. My body was all over the place. I was suffering from jet lag, and I didn’t get enough sleep. I was dragging my body to the visa stop of the airport where I completely forgot what I was supposed to do. I should’ve printed a list, but I wasn’t thinking about that during those four days of packing. I was supposed to have my immigration paper in my hand, stamp my passport, and fill out this blue card.  I didn’t do or have any of this ready. It took me about another 45 minutes to finally.  At this point, I was over the London experience, and my unpreparedness didn’t really made me feel enthusiastic to be here. I began to think what if I had prepared for this would I still be prepared for London. I honestly don’t know, but I can tell you after a week of being it was worth it.

Reflecting back on my unpreparedness after one week of being here, I realized that it was fun. I had never experienced something like that. I strongly believe I will have those important papers ready for next time, but I will never get over the feeling of being unprepared for a new experience.  Sometimes, you have to let all the experiences happen so you can learn. In the words of the great Big Lebowski, “Just go with the flow.”

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